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Why Choose Concord Dental Care in Concord, MA?

Our Experienced Doctors Offer 5-Star Dental Care

If you are looking for top-rated dental care from compassionate dentists, you are in the right place! When choosing a dental practice, you should look for one that provides exceptional care, has extensive experience, and uses the latest technology. Our dentists know what it takes to provide all this and more! We offer top-notch dental care delivered with consideration for your health and comfort. Below are just some of the reasons why patients choose Concord Dental Care in Concord, MA!

Extensive Experience

Skill and ability improve with practice, so it is important that your dentist has seen a variety of dental cases. Seeing a variety of cases over a period of years means that no matter what your condition may be, our team has likely seen a similar case and can accurately diagnose and treat you.

Concord Dental Care in Concord, MA, has transformed over 35,000 smiles in Middlesex County since 2006. Our doctors Inna and Yana Amirian bring years of experience and advanced training to our patients every day. We strive to offer personalized, comprehensive dental care and provide thorough exams – checking the overall health of your teeth and gums, performing oral cancer exams, and taking x-rays when necessary. Not only are we focused on restoring your smile, but we also care about your overall health!

To benefit from our team’s extensive experience, call 978-369-4808 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Specializing in Full-Mouth Reconstruction

The process of full-mouth reconstruction restores and rebuilds teeth in both the lower and upper jaws. A patient may need reconstruction if they have tooth decay, missing teeth, damaged or fractured teeth due to injury or teeth grinding, or tooth erosion from natural acids in foods and drinks.

Our top-notch dentists at Concord Dental Care in Concord, MA, have years of experience with full-mouth reconstruction. We will determine what types of treatments you will need with a thorough dental exam. Depending on your case, we will recommend the best treatments and procedures, and advise you on which specialists you will need to see.

Continued Education

Dentists must complete rigorous training to earn their dental degrees, but education shouldn’t stop there. As the fields of dentistry and medicine continue to advance, and diagnostic and treatment options grow, so should your dentist’s knowledge. That’s why, in order to realize our goal of providing the best possible dental care to every patient, we are committed to continued education and learning.

Dr. Inna Amirian has been teaching as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Tufts Dental School since 2009, so she is always on top of current changes and advancements in the dental field. As members of various professional dental associations, our dentists attend meetings, dental lectures, and dental conventions. This allows us to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment necessary to provide state-of-the-art dental care.

In addition to our commitment to continued education, we also support our local community! We support the Concord Area CROP Walk for the Hungry every year.

To learn more about our continued education efforts, call 978-369-4808 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

From the moment you walk through our doors, we want you to feel comfortable with your dental experience. Our goal is to put you at ease and make you feel welcome by utilizing a patient-first approach.

We understand that for some patients, dental appointments can provoke anxiety. Our office offers sedation dentistry options for your comfort and relaxation. To help you avoid feeling anxious during your dental appointment, we use oral sedation, where you remain conscious and relaxed throughout your treatment. Oral sedation is simple – you take a pill about an hour before your appointment, and by the time your appointment starts, you will be fully relaxed and ready to begin treatment.

Additionally, our office offers massage chairs to relax you and can provide blankets if you are cold. Your comfort is our priority!

Same-Day Emergency Pain Relief

At Concord Dental Care, we understand that emergencies can be frightening and painful and that sometimes treatment cannot wait. If you ever experience severe dental pain, trauma, or injury, we are always here to help with same-day emergency appointments. We don’t want you to suffer while waiting for a regular appointment, and our emergency care allows you to get pain relief that same day!

For same-day relief from your dental pain, call 978-369-4808 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Advanced Technology

Our dentists and experienced team are committed to providing you and your family with the highest level of care available. To help meet all your dental needs and provide you with a comfortable and pleasant dental experience, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art dental technology.

Dental technology includes a number of cutting-edge tools, equipment, techniques, and materials to ensure you receive high-quality treatment. Our dentists and team have received the necessary training to utilize advanced dental technology to restore your smile.

Some of the advanced technology you’ll see in our office include:

  • Panoramic Digital X-rays
  • Intraoral Camera

Ask for more information about our other advanced dental technologies at your initial appointment.

New Patient Assessment

When choosing a new dental office, you should always have a consultation to determine your needs and make sure that the office is a good fit. We believe that every patient should be able to get to know their dentist and their processes prior to committing to treatment. That’s why we offer our Concord Dental New Patient Assessment to patients who are looking for top-notch dentistry. This assessment includes:

  • Discuss Your Goals & Concerns
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Personalized Treatment Plan

We take the time to explore your specific needs and answer your questions prior to recommending a treatment plan for you. Our consultative approach provides you with a comprehensive, truthful treatment plan that you can proceed with once you are completely comfortable and ready!

Schedule your consultation today by calling 978-369-4808 or by clicking here to use our online scheduling form.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Concord Dental Care, we know how important it is for you to trust your dentist. That’s why we back up your dental experience with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your experience at any point during your treatment, simply let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right. It’s our promise to you!

This is just another step that we take to offer our patients superior dental care. Come see for yourself why people choose Concord Dental Care in Concord, MA!

Your Time Is Respected

For many busy patients, it can be challenging to make and keep a dental appointment due to commitments like school, extracurricular activities, and work. Concord Dental Care understands how managing multiple responsibilities can limit your time for things like dental appointments. That’s why we do our best to respect your time when you visit our dental office.

Not only will you experience virtually no wait times at our office, but we also never rush you during your appointment. There is always plenty of time built into every appointment to get all of your questions answered and all of your dental needs met.

To schedule an on-time appointment with our experienced team, call 978-369-4808 or click here now.

Treatment Discounts

For patients over the age of 65, oral health is even more essential as you become more susceptible to dental issues and disease. Dental care for older patients can often include bridges, dentures, crowns, and implants, which can mean increased trips to the dentist and increased costs. Unfortunately, these costs aren’t typically covered by Medicare or the dental insurance provided in retirement packages, which means much of the cost will be out-of-pocket.

At Concord Dental Care, we understand that dental health care costs can add up quickly, especially for seniors who require more than just a standard cleaning. In our effort to provide affordable dental care to all of our patients, we offer discounts, including:

  • Senior discount
  • Pay-in-full discount

To find out more about our discount payment options, call 978-369-4808 or click here now.

Flexible Payment Options

At Concord Dental Care, your dental health is paramount regardless of financial status. We strive to keep our costs fair and provide all our patients with affordable payment options, including in-house monthly payments and 0% financing.

Your health should never be put on hold because of the cost of treatment, so when you walk through the doors of our dental office, you can feel confident that our primary concern is to ensure you receive the best dental care available when you need it, without having to worry about the cost.

As one of the premier dental practices in Concord, MA, our doctors and team at Concord Dental Care also provide 5-star dental care to patients from Sudbury, Acton & Hudson, MA & the surrounding areas.

Your Top-Rated & New Favorite Dentists in Concord, MA

"My visit with my dental hygienist Christine and with Dr. Amirian went very well. They are taking extreme precautions on everything in that office. They made me feel very relaxed and I didn’t worry about anything. Don’t be afraid to get back to your dentist they’re there for your health."

- Karin D.

"I was nervous but GREAT EXPERIENCE. Took all precautions and felt very safe!"

- Fran D.

"Extremely professional, yet considerate and pleasant. Dr Amirian is very knowledgeable and immediately put me at ease with my concerns. She is conservative with her dentistry, which means she will do only what needs to be done, not try to make a quick profit by overdiagnosing. I trust her opinion completely!"

- K B.

"Very well run office. Always on time , very careful, excellent work performed. Best dental care in my opinion!"

- Janet K.

*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Concord Dental. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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